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Window Cleaning System Fully Ready to Work Water Fed Pole Van System

We are proud to have now installed literally hundreds of these systems!

Your system will be installed in one day by us meaning you can get to work earning in as short a time as possible.

What you will receive:

1 x 500 Litre Fully Baffled Water Tank complete with Stainless Steel Securing Cage

250, 350, 400, 650, 800, 900 or 1000 litre baffled tank systems also available (depending on your van payload) – call us on 0800 1182490 for more information

Baffled tanks are essential for safety reasons.

Baffles are internal compartments within your tank which divide the load and prevent uncontrolled and dangerous movement of large and heavy amounts of water.

The fully enclosing stainless steel metal securing cage for your tank is produced by our in-house engineering department to our own strict specifications. It is then bolted down through the floor of your vehicle and to the chassis with high tensile bolts and load spreading plates – we do not use ratchet straps to secure tanks.

One litre of water weighs one kilo. It is a legal obligation and also a safety essential to ensure that any load is properly secured within your vehicle.

1 x 40″ Reverse Osmosis System

2 x 20″ Reverse Osmosis Pre-Filters

The Reverse Osmosis System (RO) utilises the best Ultratec HF4 membranes and Champ Housings to produce 90 – 99% pure water with the protection of two different types of 20″ pre-filter (not the smaller 10″ filters that some manufacturers use) to get the best performance and longevity out of your system.

This comprehensive purification system is more than capabable of handling hard water areas and will fill the tank with pure water in 6 – 7 hours!

1 x 6.5 Litre (6″ x 18″) Deionisation Unit complete with Tulsion Deionisation resin

The deionisation (DI) unit is the final stage of filtration stripping any remaining contaminants out of the water after the RO to leave it 100% pure and suitable for cleaning windows. All our DI’s come complete with Tulsion brand DI resin which is generally considered to best the best on the market.

1 x Automatic Filling Shutoff

No need to worry about over flowing tanks – the built-in electronic float swtich and solenoid valve will automatically stop filling the tank when full!

1 x 100 psi Shurflo 12v delivery pump  and inline debris strainer

1 x 12v 100AH deep cycle leisure battery

1 x Flowmaster digital electronic pump controller to protect your pump and allow you to very accurately select your flow rate

1 x Outside Port Panel

Will allow you to fill and work from the system with the vehicle securely closed and locked!

All fixtures and fittings and professional trouble free installation at our factory.

The complete system will be assembled and installed professionally in your vehicle at our factory.

This is a very high quality complete system which will be fitted in your vehicle by our dedicated team of engineers at our workshops, thus ensuring you peace of mind, and you will also have the benefit of back up from a company which has been in business for many years.

Please note that this system is set up for one operator and that there are no hoses, hose reels or poles included which will be required in addition to work from the system.

The pictures show a typical installation – some details may differ.

Please contact us if your requirements differ from the system in this listing as any part of it can be changed to suit your needs. -Tel: 0800 1182490

As a reputable supplier we always strive to provide the best equipment possible at fair prices – we are long established company of over 13 years with in excess of £5,000,000 public liability insurance which gives our customers the peace of mind to know that their system is fitted to the highest standards

We have a highly skilled and experienced full time staff of mechanical, electrical and automotive engineers who can provide on request an engineering report for your system should insurers require one.

We invite and encourage you to visit our premises anytime during normal opening hours to view and try out any of our products;no appointment necessary!

You will not find the same quality and specification of system cheaper anywhere else!

We have been major suppliers to the window cleaning industry for many years now –

we buy in massive quantities from the leading manufacturers and pass the savings on to you.

Deal with us in total confidence –

We are a long established business of over 9 years – we have our own offices, warehouse and factory dedicated to bringing you the best products with the biggest savings!

0800 1182490


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